SMILE Program

Your best health ally in the industry.

Smile, a health and safety tool.

Nowadays, mental and physical health is a major concern on industrial sites; the teams’ well-being has a huge impact on occupational risks, and consequently on production.

To meet this major health and safety challenge, we offer a management integrated program.

With SMILE, you get:

  • A solution tailored to your needs
  • A holistic approach
  • A system deployed in 3 months
  • A support from our teams over 12 months

9 Benefits of getting SMILE PROGRAM for your company

Team Cohesion

Improved teamwork

Enhanced performance

Increased production

Human Capital

Reduced stress and absenteeism

Improved global health

Decreased occupational accident risks

Talent Retention

Capitalizing on skills

Team commitment

Improved brand image


Online surveys & audits to help you get:

  • A precise assessment of on-the-ground realities
  • A clear mapping of employees’ needs
  • Essential KPIs before deploying an action plan

An Application to promote physical and mental health, providing:

  • Targeted coaching to support the body and mind
  • A management dashboard to support and rally teams
  • A positive leadership solution to motivate and reward your colleagues

Our committee kit guides you every step of the way to:

  • Implement the program within your structure
  • Manage health prevention campaigns

Our company’s pluses

The SMILE App has been built: 

For industry workers only

By seasoned industry experts

The Smile program is YOUR health ally!



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