SMILE solution

Corporate wellness is the winning strategy for your industry

A program adapted to your needs and your professional reality

for Shape

Getting tools to boost your teams’ fitness is the promise of an increased performance at work.

for Mind

Consolidating your workers’ mental health helps them keep a better work-life balance.

for Impact

Being committed to your workers’ well-being means giving your company the means to retain their talents.

for Lead

Being actively collectively involved in a program is an efficient tool to reinforce team cohesiveness.

for Energy

Developping solutions to maintain high energy levels throughout the rotations.


You’ve already implemented specific procedures, such as :


  • PPE to protect your workers
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Regular audits and field inspections
  • Sport facilities

SMILE is a GLOBAL approach

It is much more than a set of measures.


  • SMILE provides tools to boost your workforce’s global health
  • SMILE is an integral part of the management system
  • SMILE target-oriented and monitorable actions
  • SMILE relies on an explicit analysis of your workers’ needs
  • SMILE has been developed exclusively for the mining industry

The 3 SMILE pillars


Health is a daily and global work on body and mind.

Our experts guide through the foundations of health : physical activity, nutrition, stress-management, and socialization.

Together we build solutions that fit your needs and your environment.



Spaces of work and collective life are key elements to motivation and wellbeing.

Our experts come to your site to help you optimize your infrastructures.

We favour a cost-effective strategy based on reusing, recycling and enhancing the existing places.



To be effective, your teams need to unite around a common goal.

Physical and mental health is a powerful managment tool for the mining industry.

Our experts provide with all the tools to form a SMILE HEALTH committee in your company.



The SMILE solution

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