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Putting PEOPLE at the heart of productivity.


The foundation for well-being, performance and productivity


The driving force to propel individual and collective performance


Healthy environments influence safety and operational efficiency


Good governance practices help attract and retain talent


Implementing positive energy, acting as a catalyst for cohesion and performance

Explore our training courses tailored to strengthening mental health and promoting well-being in the workplace.

Designed to optimize your psychosocial risk prevention strategy, our training courses are carefully tailored to the specific needs of the mining industry. During these sessions, your workers will be equipped with practical methods and tools, strengthening their ability to effectively manage operational challenges.

Our training offer

Operational Stress Management

Face operational challenges with confidence. This in-depth training covers all aspects of stress, before, during and after each rotation, to empower you with essential skills.

Operational fatigue management

Develop skills for adjusting to atypical schedules, promoting performance and an optimal work-life balance. This training covers all factors impacting worker fatigue before, during and after each shift.


Optimal Rotation Management with Time Differences

Adapt successfully to major time shifts on international assignments. Acquire the essential skills and strategies to optimize your time management.

Conflict resolution and prevention

Build skills in conflict resolution techniques adapted to the mining environment, fostering the creation of resilient teams to meet the industry’s specific challenges.

Team cohesion

Acquire the essential skills to strengthen bonds, promote effective communication and collaboratively solve challenges in the challenging environment of your industry.

MSD prevention

Deepen your knowledge of risk factors specific to the mining industry and develop practical skills to prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD).

OUR 3 pillars


Ensure the physical and mental health of your employees on site.



Turn your camp into an environment that promotes wellbeing and commitment.



Maximize your teams’ engagement for optimum productivity.



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